A guide to locking a uPVC door

How to unlock a uPVC door

1. Make sure the door is tightly closed.

2. Turn the handle to lock the door.

3. Turn the knob to the left to lock it until a click is heard.

1. By turning the knob to the right, you can unlock the door.

2. Open the door by pulling down the handle.

Using the sliding window locks

How to unlock a sliding window

1. Prepare the lock by pulling the handle.

2. Ensure that the pane is tightly closed.

3. The handle must be pulled down and locked.

1. Prepare the unlock by pulling the handle.

2. To open, slide the pane.


1. If any stains are stubborn, make sure to clean them. It is important not to let stubborn streaks around your windows & doors; these can damage the surfaces and cause stiffness when you open and close them.

2. Keep the window open to allow for regular ventilation. When the room is ventilated, the relative humidity in the room decreases and mould growth can be reduced by 60%.

3. Avoid using acidic cleaners. For general cleaning, use a mild cleaner. Never use gasoline to clean. If stains cannot be removed easily, a special solution from the seller should be applied.

4. Keep the outer glass clean regularly to avoid dust building up and preventing the light from shining well.

5. Lubricating the hinge once a year is recommended.

6. Make sure that the screw on the handle is tight. To fix a weak handle, open the handle cover and tighten the screw with a screwdriver. The cover can be seen when you pull the handle to the right.

7. Maintain the sealant in good condition. If the silicone is damaged, it should be repaired as soon as possible. Inspect the sealant every six months at the very least.

8. Drain holes should be checked regularly. they are on the window panes. Don’t block the drain hole to prevent water from accumulating in the frame.

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